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Organic Social Media Marketing Tactics To Increase Rearch

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Social media marketing may not be rocket science, but there is still a significant science. There are many things to learn from day to day because it grows. In fact, going viral involves some factors (combined with the right timing). That’s why in this post, we are going to learn from the social media pros. So, without any further do, here there’s some tips that you can do to increase the engagement on social media and going viral:

1. Choose The Right Title

As social media has permeated throughout the business community, it necessitated choosing the right title to make sure your post is attractive and exciting. However, the question is, how to pick your Social media post titles using the Google keyword tool and get more reaction and engagement. Here’s some of the guidance to create a good title, called 4u. What is 4U? okay, it’s Useful, Urgent, Unique, and Ultra specific

2. Be Active on the Right #Hashtags

The hashtag has organized a big part of the social web according to conversations, making it easy to join in on discussions and events by posting under the ones that are relevant to our company.                    

 There is some social media monitoring tool that can help you find, like, retweet, and reply to posts under several hashtags. Use Hashtagify to find other hashtags related to the one you’re trying to target, such as these food-related hashtags below. 

According to data from Buffer, hashtags affect engagement differently depending on the social network:

·        Twitter posts with one hashtag generate 21% more engagements than tweets with three or more.

·        Instagram posts, on the other hand, see the most engagement when using 11+ hashtags.

·        Facebook posts do better without hashtags.

If you know of a high-profile event coming up, we can prepare in advance to make sure we’re ready to get in on the action — the more targeted, the better. We are accommodation services based, so I can give an example, consider live-tweeting or covering high profile events, and commenting on what celebrities are wearing.

Most events are accompanied by hashtags that you can hop on. However, the key to hijacking a hashtag is not to hijack it at all. Instead, you should aim to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful, natural way.

3. Align the Social Media Post With a Trending Topic and commenting on the trending topic

Reach new people with your social content by aligning posts with trends that are relevant right now. If we pay attention to hashtags and news cycles, you can likely find an opportunity to add our voice to a conversation or parody what’s happening in the world. For example, add the trending topic hashtag to the post. 

For example, commenting on one of the trending topics, it will notice people and attract people to visit our page or website. 

4. Post Quotes as Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, what if you layer words on top of your pictures? You don’t need to do the math to know you’re doubling down on engagement by communicating with your audience through both language and imagery. That’s where adding quotes on top of social images can be part of an effective strategy.

5. “Tag a friend who…”

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook and engaged with it after thinking, “This is just like me” or “I know someone like that”?

That’s because it speaks to you as an individual while at the same time being relatable to many.

If your audience can see themselves in the things you post, it’s only natural they’ll be more inclined to consume and engage with them. 

“Tag a friend who…” is a type of social media post you might’ve seen on Facebook or Instagram. Done right, these posts provoke others to tag their friends.

Consider using this strategy to encourage your audience to:

·        Highlight someone in a positive light: “Tag a friend you couldn’t live without.”

·        Invite someone to take a challenge: “Tag 3 friends to take the ice bucket challenge”.

·        Poke fun at a friend: “Tag a friend who snores really loudly.”

Not only does this contribute comments to your posts, but each comment that includes a tagged friend will all but guarantee that they, too, at least visit your post.

6. Create notes and Other Interactive Content to share link and increase leads

Effective social media marketing should involve curating content, scheduling product-related posts, and automating what you can.

However, bringing out the best in social media marketing is about more than broadcasting your brand—it’s about understanding, engaging, and reacting to your audience and the world they live in.

Because when so many brands use social media as a soapbox to pitch their products, it pays to be one of the ones building a real connection with their audience and adding a bit of joy to their day-to-day lives.

7. Accurate post timing

Considering our time difference all over the world, we have to look at the correct prime time and do a survey when we should post something. However, firstly, you have to set your target audience. For example, we are in Indonesia, and our target audience is in Australia or the US. We have to do a research on their prime time and make sure to post at that time. Doing a research knowing when people will mostly have time to open their social media. That is important for organic reach and leads.

Organic Social Media Marketing post schedule plan

Day Post Theme
Monday No post, Preparing for weekly post approval sheet  
Tuesday Organic post Place or attraction around this week offers hotel (on ads)
Wednesday Organic post Place or attraction around this week offers hotel (on ads)
Thursday Teaser One of the hotels on offer sneak peak and one interesting place or activities around.
Friday Quotes / Notes Quotes related to holiday / 5 interesting Place or activities around the hotels on offer



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