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Keyword Everywhere Becomes Paid Keyword Research Tools Starting October 1st

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Who doesn’t need free SEO tools to do keyword research or to search for keywords, there are several tools for SEO keyword research that are the most widely used, one of which is Keyword Everywhere. My favorite tools are tools that help me to find good keywords for optimization. New news from Keyword Everywhere on October 1 will become a paid keyword research tool that was originally free. The announcement was announced on September 25.

This popular SEO keyword research tool provides estimates of volume, CPC, and competition for each of your search queries and “related” keywords. By setting it to be a paid tool, for those of you who want to use this tool, you must have 18 credits. This tool is indeed very cheap, which provides a payment package that costs only $ 1 for 10,000 credit data keywords. “Basically every time we see a volume for one keyword, one credit will run out,”

Also Read: How to SEO Keyword Research to Look For Where for a Google search you will see 20 related keywords and 50 people also asking for keywords, 1 (main request) + 20 + 50 = 71 credits will be used up. ” And this should end up costing most users less than $ 2 per month, according to an announcement made by Keyword Everywhere.

What is the purpose of this tool to become a paid SEO keyword research tool? The move to this paid model is necessitated by increased bot activity due to the higher or higher number of users of this tool. Kevin said there were so many users that the flood of bots forced him to deactivate the Keyword Import and Analyze Pages feature and “continue to improve hardware to maintain functional software for our real users.”

Keyword Everywhere said that it would use the funds to increase support for other countries that use this tool, as well as to build additional features and re-introduce blocked features due to bot-related activities.

What about existing users? On October 1, the browser add-on will stop taking volume, CPC, and competition data for all keywords; however, the keywords “related” and “people also asked for” keywords will still be displayed. Users must purchase account credit to get access to volume,CPC, and competition data.

Why do we care? You or your team member might use Keywords Everywhere to evaluate the competition, CPC, search volume, and alternative keywords. If you are a user, be prepared to dedicate a small portion of your tool’s budget to browser add-ons starting next month.


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