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5 Effective Ways to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

The email bounce rate is the number of emails sent to recipients that are undeliverable to their inbox.

Email service providers and anti-spam networks monitor your bounce rate for each campaign you send and use it to determine whether or not they will receive emails from your company in the future.

Apa itu Bounce Rate
Apa itu Bounce Rate

Your email campaigns may be undeliverable for many of your subscribers if you have a high bounce rate, resulting in lost leads and conversions for your company.

There are two types of email bounces:

  • Hard bounces
  • Soft bounces

What is Hard Bounce?

A hard bounce occurs when an email is returned because the email provider did not receive it.

Hard bounces can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The email address of your recipient is incorrect.
  • Your client’s email address has been deleted.
  • The domain to which you are sending the email does not exist or is incorrect.

Even valid email addresses will occasionally bounce back to you. The majority of hard bounces occur as a result of your customer’s email provider blocking your email delivery.

What is Soft Bounce?

A Soft Bounce email is one that is sent after the recipient’s email address has been confirmed.

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A Soft Bounce can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The inbox of your recipient is completely full.
  • The recipient’s email server is down.
  • Your email is far too long.

While the most common causes of soft bounce emails are beyond your control, you can ensure that your emails are properly formatted and contain high-quality content in order for them to be delivered to multiple recipients.

How to Calculate Email Bounce Rate

Now that you understand what email bounce rate is, let’s look at how to calculate it.

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Here’s how to find out your email bounce rate:

Email Bounce Rate = (Number of Bounces / Number of Emails Sent) X 100

Let’s look at an example to see how this email bounce rate formula works. Assume you sent 100 emails in total, and ten of them bounced. In this case, your email bounce rate will be 10%.

What is the average email bounce rate?

After learning about email conversion rates, you may have questions about how your conversion rates compare to those of other businesses.

The rate of bounce rate for email is.4%, and the rate of bounce rate is.58%. A good practice is to aim for a rate of 2% or higher for email marketing. A higher level of bounce can cause service providers to flag your email as spam and block it.

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5 Ways to Reduce Email Bounce Rate

Reduce your email marketing bounce rate to ensure that your message is reaching your prospects and customers.

There are two quick ways to get rid of your email’s bounce rate:

1. Do a “cleanse” of your email list.

When you send an email to an invalid email address, it is returned to you. People rarely use the same email address for their entire lives; they may change service providers, jobs, or names.

Make a habit of regularly reviewing your email list to ensure that you have the correct email addresses for your subscribers.

Inactive subscriber addresses should be removed as well. These inactive recipients may indicate that they are not currently using or checking their email address. If they then delete their email address, your email will be lost, increasing your bounce rate.

2. Create permission-based email

As the next step in lowering your email bounce rate, create permission-based email subscriptions. One of the most common causes of bounced emails is incorrect or invalid recipient email addresses.

Email subscriptions that are permission-based or double-opt-in can help you ensure that your subscribers enter the correct email address when signing up for your emails.

When a user subscribes to your email list, for example, you’ll send them an email with a link asking them to confirm their email address. When the recipient confirms their email, you will know that you have the correct address and that your email was successfully sent.

3. Send Frequently

Sending emails on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep them from bouncing. Subscribers will be surprised to learn that they have opted in to receive your emails if you send consistent messages.

You can also send different types of emails to ensure that your content is fresh and varied. For example, you could post a blog, a video, or release a new product.

As a result, your customers, particularly those who provide email addresses, will be eager to receive emails from your business.

4. Avoid spam content

Spam is disliked by both email subscribers and service providers. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to reduce email bounces is to avoid creating spammy content.

If your content is perceived as spam, the recipient’s email provider may immediately block your email, increasing the bounce rate of your marketing emails.

The best way to avoid spam content is to create personalized emails that are tailored to your customers’ interests and provide them with the information they need to solve their problems.

Avoid copying and pasting the same content or including misleading subject lines and titles to encourage users to open your emails.

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5. Monitor the bounce rate consistently.

Pay attention to the bounce rate of your marketing emails to track the success of your campaigns.

Determine the cause of a high bounce rate for a specific list or email campaign, which could be an invalid email address.

You can improve your campaign by removing spam content, for example, to reduce bounce rates.

As a result, all of your customers and prospects will receive your email marketing campaigns, increasing conversions and revenue.

Tanya Digital can help you to reduce your email bounce rate.

Do you want to lower your email bounce rate but don’t know where to begin? Tanya Digital can assist you!

Our email marketing company has over ten years of experience creating email campaigns that reach out to current and potential customers and encourage them to convert.

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