How to Change Website Backend Password via phpMyadmin Mysql Database

Creating a website is fun especially having coding skills; there are many ways to create a website using many open source CMS like Joomla, WordPress, and for eCommerce websites, you can use Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, Prestashop and other ecommerce cms.

There are steps to create a website by uploading files and setting a backend page password like WordPress, wp-admin. Sometimes when we create a website and sometimes there are things that we don’t want, like forgetting your password or your website has a hacker attack that changes the backend password.

For that, I give a solution for you to change it through phpMyadmin. This method is usually used to backup passwords to reset passwords directly from the database through cPanel (Control Panel).

The steps that you must take:

1. First generate a password via MD5 Hash Password on the website:

2. Enter the password as you wish

3. Enter Cpanel and click PhpMyadmin

4. Search for a database that matches your website

5. After entering the database, look for the position of user admin / administrator: there we see our IDs and passwords encrypted with MD5

6. The next step is to replace the MD5 password with a new MD5 password that has just been generated via

7. Next save

8. Back to Backed Admin Your website and please log in according to your admin id and enter the Decryption password from MD5

9. Enjoy

Good luck

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