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6 Rich Snippet WordPress Plugins to Increase Organic Traffic

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Maybe you are wondering how websites get rich snippets in Google search results? Do you already know what I love languages – like star rating, cooking time, and all the extras? All of this is not magic; this is actually the result of adding something called markup schema markup to your content. Even though markup schemas are invisible to humans, this can help search engines understand all the context behind your content.

You can use the schema markup to get all types of rich snippet snippets on Google, including:

Star Rating, Embed Photos or Videos, Product information, Addresses and telephone numbers, Cooking time recipes, Article information, Date, time, and location of the event (useful when combined with event plugins)

But if you want that benefit, you need an easy way to add schema markup to WordPress. And the best way to do this is with a WordPress rich snippet plugin. So to help you start benefiting from a rich snippet in Google’s search results, I recommend six best rich snippet plugins for WordPress.

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I will bring to explain each feature of each rich snippets WordPress plugin. I will also give some recommendations on how to choose the most suitable plugin for your

1. WP Review Pro

Jasa Pembuatan Website

WP Review Pro

The first WordPress Rich Snippets plugin is WP Review Pro is a plugin made by MyThemeShop that is entirely directed to the review website. Besides being able to help get an attractive star rating for organic search listings, it also offers some other features designed to help make it easier for you to write interesting
reviews. Then how do I do that? Let’s start with the important part:

WP Review Pro adds the right markup schema to your rank so you can get the stars you want. And also provides some of the best options for generating a star rating in the first position. If you are only a single reviewer, of course, you can rate products based on several categories, assign an overall rating, and leave it at that.

You can also allow users to submit their own star rate. Then, depending on the settings, you can enter this ranking into the average number displayed in Google search results. Apart from Google, WP Review Pro also includes features to make your reviews more
user-friendly. First, you can choose between four different ranking systems:

Stars, Percentages, Points, Circles

You can also add CSS animations to your ranking to make it more interesting. Of course, you can adjust all the colors used in your
review to make it fit your site. You can also choose where the review box appears. You can also place it before your content, after your content, or use a short code to manually enter it wherever needed. You can also change the width and alignment of the review box.

Finally, the last good feature of the Pro version is that it can display your ranking every time the user is above the post thumbnail. If readers, for example,
enter your blog archive page, they can quickly see the ranking when they hover over the image displayed on your post (assuming you have activated this feature). And if you want to migrate data from other rich snippet plugins – you can do that too.

2. Schema Pro

6 Plugin Rich Snippet untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Organic: Schema Pro

The second rich WordPress snippets plugin is Schema Pro is a premium schema plugin from the developer that can help you add the correct JSON-LD schema markup to your website. Schema Pro is a rich snippet that works very unique. Most of the other rich snippet plugins in this list implement a markup schema by adding new content, usually in the form of a review box or a box with other schema details.

Schema Pro missed that. Instead, you can add the markup schema to your existing content no need to display additional review boxes. Basically, you do this by mapping existing content and special fields to the type of markup schema you want to add. Flexibility may be complicated, but the developer has created a simple interface that makes the process easy when you install the plugin, it gives you a useful setup guide for configuring basic global schemas for your websites, such as social profiles and breadcrumbs:

You can also add a markup schema for certain content; you must first choose what type of markup schema to add from 13 different types of schemes.

3. WP Product Review

6 Plugin Rich Snippet untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Organic: WP Product Review

The third rich WordPress snippets plugin is WP Product Review is a review plugin from the same ThemeIsle, like WP Review, available in both free and premium versions. Although the pro version is a bit more expensive, WP Product Review also offers several advanced features that WP Review doesn’t have. WP Product Reviews can add all the markup schemas you need so that you can display a star rating snippet on Google’s organic listings. First, – you can make attractive product review boxes. You can customize almost anything like box design: width, color, border. And you can also choose from 10+ different icons to use for your ranking. For example, if you don’t like the star rate, you can choose to use the heart icon.

You can also choose where the box is displayed. You can choose from standard options such as the content above or below, or do it manually with a short code. If you want to use a short code, you can actually use the plugin to display the review boxes for various products in one post. And if you want your users to be able to rate products, allow them to leave ratings when they comment like WP Review Pro. So far, WP Product Review, everything looks very identical to WP Review Pro, right? This is where WP Product Review provides several additional features to justify the higher price.

First – You can make detailed comparison tables for various products to help your readers make the right decision. Comparison tables are a standard feature on most affiliate sites – and this feature eliminates the need to switch to something like TablePress for that table. And this is the coolest feature – even though it’s only available with the most expensive packages:

If you are reviewing Amazon products, WP Product Review can actually import details for that product automatically. All you need to do is enter the link to Amazon, and WP Product Review automatically retrieves the product:

Affiliate link (with your tracking code)

Price (exceeds API, so you don’t have a problem with Amazon Associates strict rules about displaying prices)

What’s in the free version of WP Product Review?

If you use the free version, you can still create a basic review box with your own rating. But you will lose most of the good features such as:

Short codes, custom icons, Pro / Con lists, preload functions, comparison tables, Amazon imports, and you also won’t have enough flexibility to organize your review box.

4. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

6 Plugin Rich Snippet untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Organic: All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

The fourth rich snippets WordPress plugin is All In One Schema.org. Rich Snippets takes a step back from focusing on the reviews offered by the first few plugins. For that reason, But this is what All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets can do for you:

It allows you to add schemas for one of the eight different content types supported. Currently, the types of schemes are:

Reviews, Events, People, Product recipes, Software applications, Videos, Articles

It functions like this:

Every time you create or edit a piece of content, you will get a new Rich Snippet Configure meta box that allows you to choose what the post is about (using the type of content mentioned earlier). If you choose the Review type, you will be able to enter the name of the item, the name of the reviewer, and the star rating (from 1-5). But if you use, for example, the type of recipe, you can add details for cooking time, pictures, etc. If your site focuses entirely on reviews, you will be better off using one of the dedicated review plugins. But if you only want a simple and lightweight method for adding markup schemas to different types of content.

5. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

6 Plugin Rich Snippet untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Organic: Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

The rich snippets plugin WordPress Plugin is a premium, but affordable, rich snippets plugin. It has capabilities similar to Schema.org’s All In One Rich Snippets, although it offers several unique functions to justify the (small) price tag. Rich Snippets are shipped with seven different markup schema shortcodes, and you can use to add markup schemas to your content. Currently, the shortcode supports adding schema markers to:

Events, Ranking, Addresses, People, Products, Music, Recipes

This plugin is similar to All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Because Rich Snippets also allows you to create your own markup schema code using a short code generator. So if you need some unclear markup schema (there are many on schema.org), then you can use Rich Snippets to easily create short codes that you can use repeatedly as needed. If you feel the need to use a markup schema outside the standard options, Rich Snippets is a good choice for its flexibility.

6. Schema App Structured Data

6 Plugin Rich Snippet untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Organic: Rich Snippets Schema WP

The latest WordPress rich Snippet plugin is Schema App Structured Data is a good freemium tool that opens the entire schema.org markup library for your WordPress site, but unfortunately, the free version is quite limited, you have to pay the full version to use the full feature. With the full version, Structured Data Schema Applications can automatically use information on your site to add markup schemas to all pages, posts, and author pages. And if you need additional schema markup, you can use the Schema Application tool to generate new markup from the entire schema.org library.

And you will also get access to Google Site Structure features such as:

Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Search Box, Site Names in Search Results, And if you run a WooCommerce store, the Schema Application has an eCommerce extension that can add rich snippets to your product pages.


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