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What is Local SEO? How To Optimize

Do you have a physical business that is open to the public? Search engine optimization (SEO) or what is known as local SEO will be one of the best digital marketing methods to attract new clients to you.

Imagine if you needed a mechanic’s shop in a city you just visited and you didn’t know where to look. You can ask a few friends for recommendations, or take a look at the area where you live – but the first thing you will likely do is turn to a search engine that knows it all: Google.

When you enter a question such as “digital marketing services in bali”, a list of potential businesses that you can go to appears on Google and pin them all on the map and, if there is a physical place, Google will notify you of opening hours, contact details, websites the web, and even customer reviews.

What is local SEO
What is local SEO

That should be more than enough information for you to choose a repair shop, right? And what if I told you that all the businesses that showed up here had worked hard on their local SEO to get here?

A presence on this list is one of the best ways to attract new customers as it provides visibility to your business and provides all the necessary information at a glance.

Visibility in your city and the data it offers (so that users not only know where you are, but they can come directly to you) is critical to winning new customers.

Do you want to know how local SEO works and how you can implement it in your business? In this article, I will help you how to determine local SEO and explain how to rank your local business.

What is Local SEO?

The internet is constantly changing and evolving so much that today, we hardly take a step forward without first consulting our friend Google. Whether it’s choosing a movie at the cinema, finding the best restaurants in the area or to find anything, from computer stores to grocery stores, most people turn to Google for the answers.

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This has led to an enormous paradigm shift. For those who have always served their customers directly, this has a bigger impact. Now, they don’t just compete with other shops around – they compete with the rest of the world.

Local SEO, working strategically, is a very good solution for traditional physical businesses and those looking to position themselves in the right location, thus drastically reducing the level of competition. But what exactly is local SEO? Even if you already have an idea, let’s dive in deeper.

Local SEO is a strategy of positioning and visibility at the geographic level of a local business

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What does this mean? Well, basically, if you own a business, and have created a website and are selling physical products – or providing services in a specific geographic area – Local SEO techniques will really help you appear in the search results of users in the same region.

Of course, even if you implement Local SEO, you can still position yourself globally if you wish. Apart from Local SEO, you can work on a search engine positioning strategy to appear in the search results of any user, no matter where they are.

In essence, you decide how far you have to go. This will depend on your overall business strategy, interests, needs and market. I won’t go deep into this, but it’s important to know that both types of SEO can be used.

Now that you understand Local SEO, let’s discuss why you should apply it to your own business.

Benefits of Local SEO

Why should you have a local SEO strategy? Because it can provide you with these valuable benefits:

Client Geolocation: It is possible that, through local SEO, people from the same city and region may find you for the first time and eventually become repeat customers.

Increase in leads: These are potential customers who came to your business and are interested in your offer. Even if they didn’t buy from you on the first visit, you’re already on their mind. Now, they can come back or recommend you at any time.

Local positioning with less competition: You will only compete with other businesses in the area, which will be less in number than what you will find in your country or even globally.

Google My Business (GMB) Reviews: Something powerful that helps customers to read comments or opinions about your product or service. Today, great online reviews are one of the elements that drive the most sales.

No need for a website: While it is always recommended, this will not be the most relevant when implementing local SEO. If you don’t have it, search engines will display other information of interest to users.

Better image and reputation. Appearing in a good position on Google will always help potential customers see you as a good brand.

After all, if Google puts you on a stanchion, you must be good for something!

Visibility on Google Maps. Another major draw to potential customers for your business is the exact location Google Maps displays.

Local SEO basics

We’ve seen that the most used search terms to find local businesses are generally based on “name of product / service offered” + “city or town”, as I showed in the example above.

But how do businesses get top positions? Even if you are someone who prefers to delegate and hire local SEO experts, it’s always good to know how they work to better understand what professionals do.

Some of the Basics Used in Local SEO:

Research the right local keywords. The foundation of a successful local ranking is choosing the right keywords. As one of your first steps, thorough keyword research including a local component is required.

If you have a website, optimize it for the main keywords you want to rank for. For example, “SEO services in Bali”; “Digital Marketing Services in Bali”

Add name, address and phone (NAP) data to your landing page. This is the most important information your customers use to find your service or product.

Sign up for Google My Business. This is important for improving local SEO and getting more reviews on Google.

Add your business to local and international business directories. Visibility on platforms like Yelp and Urbanspoon can do wonders.

Create a presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Remember to keep your contact information up to date and work on engagement.

Implementation of Local SEO For Companies

Before we finish, I want to give you some specific tips on local SEO for businesses. Whether you’re delegating it to someone on your team or hiring an external expert, you’ll have the information to start managing your project.

Manage Your Google Reviews

Those who are interested in your business will see your reviews on Google. Prospects looking for your product or service will likely go to the provider with the highest rating.

One of the criteria that makes you choose one option over another is customer comments. I suggest you just ask for a review. Please ask your clients to review your business or offer them something in return for a rating.

Once you get a review, you should also make sure to respond to the comments they leave – whether it’s positive or negative. Your prospect will see the feedback you leave with each customer as an indication of your level of professionalism and commitment to their satisfaction.

So if your review is positive, appreciate the response. If it’s negative, apologize and come up with a plan to fix your weaknesses.

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Create Local Content

The second tip for local SEO is to write related content. How? By researching and identifying what your local audience is most searching for on Google.

Maybe it’s just a “bike shop in denpasar”, or maybe they go a step further and search for terms like:

“Repairing bikes in Denpasar”

“The place to fix my cheap bike in Denpasar”

“Bike repair shop in Denpasar”

“The best spare parts shop for bicycles in Denpasar”

There are many terms your potential client can search for. You just have to find out what it is and optimize it.

Let’s talk a little more about how to create content that is optimized for your business.

Choose a Top Business Directory

On the internet, there are websites that act as directories and are visited by a large number of users who want to inquire about local businesses.

An example is TripAdvisor. You’ve almost certainly consulted TripAdvisor when traveling to a new city and wanted to know more about attractions and restaurants.

But there are many other directories for businesses. Here are some of them:




Yellow Pages


Bing Places

Yahoo Places



In order to choose a place to register, I suggest you check a few things: a) whether it is sector specific and b) its authority according to Google. The higher the value, the greater the value to you.

Use the Same Information in All Directories

When entering NAP or contact information for your local company or business, keep it consistent across all sites. For example, your address should always follow the same order of information – on your website, GMB, social networks, and directories – and you must write down your phone number the same way (using hyphens or spaces, etc.).

Research and Analysis

The local SEO tips I provide here are key basic strategies, but every business is different. Each has its own quirks and needs, and through detailed research and analysis of the results, you can detect possible points of improvement that will make a difference to you.

Just as a doctor does not prescribe a patient without first learning what is ailing them, don’t start doing local SEO without researching any strategies.

You have all the information about your business, and as you apply new techniques, you can get a lot more.

The key to getting the best results is to optimize.

Hopefully the information I have provided is useful for you. If you take something away from this article, let it be that a good local SEO strategy can help you bring in more customers to your business. This can have a lasting positive impact on your future earnings.

After all, visibility is something that works both offline and online. And since the latter is a medium with spectacular growth trends, it is the key to your business success.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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