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How to Testing Facebook Ads and Getting Optimal Results

Want better results from Facebook ads? Want to know how to split the ad test or the Facebook Ad A / B test?

In this article, we will learn how to use A / B Testing on Facebook to test to get the best audience. Here you can discover the importance of A / B Testing in Facebook Ads by using Google Analytics to get perfect results.

Why is Testing on Facebook Ads Important?

By doing ad testing you can find the best results for your ad so you can keep repeating this method to be able to generate more prospects at a fraction of the cost. His illustration when testing a cost per acquisition lower than $ 100 could be $ 25.

There are many digital marketers who have failed Facebook advertising. It’s all because they haven’t tried to test or perform sufficiently precise testing accurately to determine what works that should be improved and what doesn’t.

These digital marketers tend to change too often and ignore the special adjustments that make a big difference in their advertising results.

How to Create a Budget to Test Facebook Ads

The budget you allocate to testing your ads on Facebook depends on factors such as your business niche, products, the type of audience you are targeting. In addition, you must also consider the results and costs of your goals when you set a budget for testing your ad.

To visualize this, you can spend more on testing ads at a cost per lead of $ 25, rather than a cost per lead of $ 3.

I recommend businesses to start by allocating 10% –20% of their entire advertising budget to testing as an investment, knowing that their first ad is unlikely to produce a good result.

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Continuing to run tests for a long period of time allows advertisers to determine what is working and increases the ROI on the remainder of their advertising budget.

Methods for Testing Facebook Ads

When you’re testing, I recommend creating a new ad set for testing rather than editing an existing ad set. Making changes to a running ad will affect its momentum, and will make it more difficult to track changes to the performance data or variables you’re testing.

If you reuse creatives that have been published on your business profile, you can use the posts in Facebook Ads Manager. From there, you can create new tests around different audiences or placements without losing all the social proof of the original post.

Responsive Audience Identification

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The method for testing Facebook ads can start by creating a potential audience based on different interests, keywords, and targeting. The narrower each audience and source, the more accurate the result will be. Test the ad that you think will perform well across multiple audiences to see which audience responds best.

The number of audiences and different variables that you might test will depend a lot on the size of your budget. Even if you have a large budget (say $ 5,000) you need to continue to test and optimize your ads and your audience, a smaller budget can limit you to testing 10 to 20 ad variables with five different audiences.

I recommend testing the potential audience that you create using certain interests or keywords against high-value lookalike audiences. It is also advisable to further compare such a cold audience with a warmer audience on Facebook to test your ad campaign.

BACA JUGA Cara Menggunakan Lookalike Audience dan Custom Audience

Value of Facebook Ad Creation Variations

Once you’ve determined which audience is giving you the best results, the next step is to use that audience to fine-tune the text and visuals of your ad.

Testing text involves variations in the headline, ad text, and call to action (CTA Call to Action). Testing creatives involves variables such as a single image, video, and dynamic elements such as a carousel.

Because visuals stop people from scrolling through the news feed, When focusing the first phase of testing on the visuals and then moving on to testing longer or shorter versions of text elements.

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Forum Komunitas Digital Marketing Indonesia
Forum Komunitas Digital Marketing Indonesia

If you’re on a tight budget, you should stick to testing the 4 or 5 square visuals as that format translates well in the ads served on Facebook as well as on Instagram. If you have a bigger budget, you can test more square visuals against horizontal or vertical orientation.

Determine the Right Facebook Ad Placement

Many newcomer digital marketers often don’t realize they have the option to test specific placements for their ads. As an illustration, you can place individual ads only on Instagram, only in Stories, only on Facebook Marketplace, or in the right column of Facebook on the desktop.

Setting individual ad placements is important because selecting all placements (or Auto Placement) gives Facebook the authority to funnel too much of your budget into placements you may not want to take advantage of. It found that controlling for individual ad costs by placement resulted in a better cost-per-lead and Facebook ad relevance score.

After you test ad placement, you can view a detailed report to manage how your budget is being channeled across each placement on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Messenger. Based on what you see, you can easily start and stop ads on multiple placements without interrupting ads running elsewhere.

Also consider experimenting with mobile versus desktop placement. On the Social Media Examiner, we found significant differences between these two types of placements. Desktop users not only spend more time on the website but they also generate more conversions than mobile users when it comes to certain types of retargeting ads for the World of Social Media Marketing.

Analysis of Test Results for Fixing Facebook Ads

After setting up some initial testing, the next step is to analyze the results and use this information to further refine your ad. Having strong naming conventions for your ad sets and differences in testing helps simplify this process.

BACA JUGA: 16 Panduan Langkah Demi Langkah Cara Membuat Iklan Facebook Ads

Remove the test ad and let it run for at least 3-4 days. This duration provides a solid basis for ad performance. Analyzing the results can take half an hour to an hour, depending on the number of ad sets you check.

Score Test Results in Facebook Ads Manager

Start by looking at clicks measured on the Performance Chart, which is the default report in Facebook Ads Manager. From there, you can customize the Facebook ad metrics you see by adding standard events or custom conversions to see how far along the customer journey people are getting. You can also add columns to track return on ad spend and other specific goals to your reports.

When checking data, filtering and sorting brings the best performance to the top of the page quickly and identifies which audiences, placements and creatives to improve. You can also use reporting to group various options (such as age ranges or geographic location) to find further narrower opportunities.

Inform and Improve Facebook Ad Results With Google Analytics

Facebook doesn’t always properly report leads and attributions and is often over-reported in certain cases. To double-check the results, you can use the Google Analytics and Google UTM tags to accurately determine which ad is actually driving the action and conversion.

In some cases, Google Analytics goes a step further by providing information that Facebook is currently unable to provide. This includes advanced metrics such as Time on Page that reports how much time users spend interacting with your website, and the ability to compare differences in user behavior between ads seen on mobile and desktop.

For example, if people clicking your ad from desktop spend more time on your landing page than people clicking from mobile, you might consider allocating more budget for desktop placement.

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