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Are you a professional marketer looking to advance your career and become a marketing manager? Or do you intend to move from sales to marketing?

Whether you’re looking to advance or change careers, developing marketing manager skills and competencies is essential for success. It may appear overwhelming at first because you must master both soft and hard skills. The good news is that you can learn them!

Here are seven essential Marketing Manager skills.

7 Marketing Manager Skill (Hardskill)

Marketing Managers must learn a variety of hard skills as their responsibilities vary according to the size of the company. You can lead a large team or work as a one-man show, doing everything from market research to search engine marketing (SEM).

1. Basic Market Research

Market research is an important skill for marketing managers to have. Marketing managers must comprehend buyer requirements and pain points. You should also be able to identify the target market for your product or service among a large number of potential customers.

2. User Experience Design Basics

Because brand websites are customer touchpoints that marketing managers should maximize, it makes sense to learn the fundamentals of user experience (UX) design.

A positive brand website experience can engage users, allow them to navigate your pages to learn more about your brand, and persuade them to buy.

As a marketing manager, you must understand what constitutes a great and engaging UX design in order for users to stay on your site rather than switching to your competitors’ websites.

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3. Search Engine Marketing Skills

Aside from understanding what makes the web appealing, you should also be familiar with Search Engine Marketing so that more Internet users can easily find your web brand. Because SEM is a dynamic field, you must stay current on algorithm changes and best practices.

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4. Content Marketing

Consistent hard sells can turn off your prospects. That is why marketing managers benefit greatly from content marketing skills.

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High-quality, useful content can help you build trust with your audience, nurture relationships, generate leads, and ultimately win new and loyal customers!

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another great way to engage with prospects and customers, making it one of the necessary technical skills for marketing.

Social media marketing is more than just posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as well as running ads and going viral. Understanding different social media platforms, social listening, growing your brand reputation, generating leads, and other tasks are all part of learning this skill.

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6. Basic Coding

HTML and basic coding are essential skills and competencies for marketing managers. Why? “You will feel confident recommending website changes and implementing these updates,” he says.

Furthermore, coding improves your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. When your marketing campaigns overwhelm you with new ideas, your logical thinking can take over!

7. Data Analysis and Interpretation

We’ve reserved one of the most useful marketing management talents until last. Analytics allows you to measure the effects of changes to your marketing plan, allowing marketing managers to make more educated decisions.

The most critical hard skill a marketing manager must learn is data interpretation and campaign measurement.

“You must be able to put numbers into context and understand why some things tend to rise and fall.”

Hopefully, this information about the 7 essential marketing manager abilities will be useful to you.

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